Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The time has come. It is now.

When does God give His grace?

Right now.

Sometimes we shoot our own spiritual foot by staying stuck in the regrets of the past or or anticipating too much the future scenarios that may or may not ever come.  While God is eternal and is present in all space and time we are not.  We are not in eternity (not *yet* at least) but are confined to the prison sacrament of the present moment.

If you have ever felt frustrated by the limits imposed on you by being in time then you may be a fallen human being.  Not to worry though.  God comes to meet us fallen human beings in a particular meeting "place."  He entered time and space in the Incarnation of His Word made flesh.  That same God accompanies us every.single.moment.

Do you need to reread that last sentence?

Every single moment God pours out the abundance of His very self upon you.  He does this in every present moment and every present moment is precisely where you are.  

So don't miss out on what God is offering you right *now* just because it feels easier to let your mind wander away into the past or the future unnecessarily.  Don't miss out on the gift being offered right now for the sake of entertaining unhelpful thoughts or negative feelings which aren't helping you receive God's love where it's being offered (i.e. right now.)

The present moment is called by spiritual authors a "sacrament" because it, being a physical reality, conveys something spiritual.  Your present moment, located in time and space, mediates God to you.  He called Himself "I AM" to Moses and says the same to you.  "Be still and know that I am..."  

He Who Is is all you need and all you need is right here right now.  Open your heart to God and to what He is offering you (His own Son, Jesus, and His Holy Spirit.)  

Remain in the silence with Him.  Let Him speak His Word to you and fill you with His Spirit.  In the now He comes to meet you.  Will you meet Him there, too?