Saturday, February 4, 2017

A history of St Michael and the Devil

Here is the short version of how St Michael came to be the prince of all the angels and how the Devin rebelled against God. This is from the Church's ancient Tradition and is attested to by many of the Fathers of the Church and other Saints and is also biblically sound. This is the Catholic view.

So Michael was the Angel that opposed Lucifer when he rebelled. Michael defensed God's honor by glorifying God hence Michael means "Who is like God?" Since Lucifer wanted to be like God and take His throne. "I will ascend to the throne of the almighty."  (Isaiah 14:14) This was before the creation of the material universe. The Angels were the first creations of God and are purely spiritual beings (not material in nature; personal beings with an intellect and will.) When they were created God offered them a choice (since they have a will able to choose) to accept or reject Him. Lucifer, one of the most intelligent of the angels, chose to reject God and in his pride and vanity actually thought himself to be able to overcome the Almighty. Lucifer means Bearer of Light which highlights his intellect. Michael chose the path of true freedom and chose to love His Creator and stood up for His honor. He and the angels who chose to love God were awarded with the eternal vision of seeing God face to face. Hence, Michael led the Angels in a victory of intellect and will against the rebellious Angels (whom we now call demons because of their twisted nature though still highly intelligent and powerful in will) for God's honor. Michael was then given the particular grace/blessing of being raised as the highest of the angels because of his haste in choosing to love God and defend Him glory against the insult of Lucifer and the rebellious Angels.