Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Prepare to Prepare

I read recently that Byzantine Catholics (fully Catholic like Roman Catholics except they have different liturgical traditions, spiritual expressions, and ways of explaining doctrine often times) have something that we could rightly call "Pre-Lent."  In fact, a bit back in our own Roman Catholic tradition there was this practice in the pre-Vatican II liturgy (today called the "extraordinary form of the Mass.)  It started on "Septuagesima Sunday."  Septuagesima is a Greek term which indicates 70 days before Easter.  So, even before the 40 days of Lent there is this notion of intentional preparation for the preparation that is Lent!

Phew! That's a lot.  So... what's the point?

Here is is.  Lent is sneaking up upon us very soon (March 1st is Ash Wednesday.)

Have you prayed about what your Lenten practices ought to look like?  Is God inviting you to fast from something like a particular social media feed or your favorite beverage?  Does God want you to incorporate daily Scripture reading or meditation on the daily Mass readings?  How about praying the Rosary more frequently?  Confession more often?  Have you started thinking about the type of preparation you ought to have during your Lenten preparation for Easter?

It's not too early to invite the Holy Spirit to enlighten you as to the next right moves.  Prepare to make this your best Lent ever.  Spend some time today with your prayer journal and ask God what He wants your Lent to look like.  Otherwise, it may just end up looking like nothing special.  Don't miss the opportunity!