Friday, February 3, 2017

Speaking Words of Wisdom Let it Be

It's one of the most iconic Beatles songs; Let it Be.

Whisper words of wisdom... let it be...

You know, in the beginning there wasn't anything *to* be. There was not dirt, no birds, no water, not even space for those things to exist in and not even time for those to exist when.  No matter.  There was He Who Is.  

Praise God that God didn't decide to simply let things be only as He.  He did not desire to be the only one to exist (though He was perfectly happy being Who He Was and Is and Always Will Be.)  God made a choice.  He chose to create things - He created beings who specialize in be-ing.  All of the universe - visible and invisible (angels be real ya know) - is being in He Who Is.  All of creation is held in existence by the One Who exists for all eternity; the One Whose very nature it is *to be.*  

God is really good at being.

He is also good at letting things be.

You see, God has a hand in all things even if some of His creation (namely us) don't want to take Him by the hand.  We fallen (by choice) humans are good at *not* being because we're experts at sinning - making choices away from He Who Is.  We choose evil (an absence of good) and each time we move one step closer to the edge (and I'm about to break!... Linkin' Park anyone? Ok moving on...)

True.  Our sinful choices can never annihilate us out of existence; out be-ing.  Even Satan himself, as radically evil as he is, is still good insofar as he exists; he cannot stop existing because God continues to say "Let it be."  

God created beings who could choose to *be* at rest or *be* in a state of unrest.  Our choices bring us peace (i.e. closer to God in Christ) or greater and greater turmoil.  God honors our choices.

So what will you choose?  The secret to reaching eternal happiness is to say to God's plan and love (with all of our heart intact) "Let it be! Your Will be done because Your Will is the best way to *be*."

May Heaven forbid that we reject God and, in the end, hear Him ratify our rejection, "Let it be... your will be done, My child."  

May we imitate Mary, the greatest receiver of God's Being in all of history, "Let it be done to me according to Your Word." (Luke 1:38)