Friday, December 25, 2015

And so this is Christmas...

John Lennon may have thought he had summed up the mystery of Christmas in his hit single going by the same title as this blog post but I would suggest the soon to be canonized Mother Teresa had a deeper insight into it all.

Love came to us that we might come to love. To love others. To love God. To love with the strength of God's own Heart pounding within us.  Love goes out and then it brings in. It seeks the unloved and makes them loved. It welcomes the unloved by loving them. The Son of God (Love in the Flesh) seeks us, finds us, then invites us to become love.

Living love... How will you change this Christmas? The Lord is offering you His Heart. Will you take it? Or will you keep yours, unwilling to give it away in love?

Give yourself away to Love this Christmas and you will find yourself this Christmas.

"For it is only in the sincere gift of self that man truly finds himself." - Second Vatican Council

Let love win this Christmas. Let God (Who is Love) win your heart and you will begin to win hearts for Love. Live Christmas today... and ever day.

Merry Christmas!