Tuesday, December 22, 2015

How's the Final Prep Going?

There is still time this Advent to surprise the Lord with a gift.

You can still make some special preparation for Christmas in your life.  You can still make room for Christ in your heart.  You can increase the space within your spirit.  There is still time.

There is, too, still time for the Lord to surprise you.  Are you open to His gift?  What will He give you? What does He desire to give you?  

The Lord desires always to give us His grace.  What grace is He laboring to offer to you in these final days of Advent?

In anticipating the gift of Christmas itself we must first pave the way by receiving His Advent gift.  If you have been slow of heart to receive His Advent gift then take heart! There is still time to receive.  

Come before the Lord in these final moments of preparation and ask Him what He desires you to receive from His loving, merciful heart.

What grace has He prepared for you at the outset of this Year of Mercy?  Will you say yes?

He certainly desires you to. Do say yes.  He has exactly what you want.  It is what you need.