Monday, November 14, 2016

What are we to do?

Since everyone seems to have something to say about the recent election...
I'll refrain from further commentary. Quite frankly, I don't have all the facts and the pundits don't either.  We can make (and ought to make) reasonable decisions based upon our reasonable amounts of research all while maintaining an open mind (open to being corrected) to what Providence may be doing in history.

Politics, though, isn't as interesting a topic as theology.  The subject matters are incomparable.  Man's domain versus God's dominion.  

What part of your heart still needs to have Christ rule as King? 

We are easily led astray into worry, fear, doubt, etc. in regards to this world.  Our thoughts tend to follow rhetoric because they want to follow something; even if it's not the truth.  What we think about tends to generate either anxiety or peace because it is either anchored in a lie or a truth.  We naturally desire the truth and so are made for it.  So why do we fall for the lie so often? Why do we allow ourselves to be ruled by falsehood?

This week find out with the Lord in your prayer why you don't trust Him more.  

Then ask Him to help you trust Him.

He really does love you.  Let Him rule over your heart and your life.  He will bring peace.