Monday, November 4, 2013

There can be nothing greater than that

We had a pretty darn good time.

We shared a meal.

We laughed.

We didn't cry though... Well, that's not exactly true.

Mother Myriam is known for crying when she starts talking about God.

She loves Him so...

A couple weeks ago during a visit from Mother Myriam's (Rosalind Moss, a Jewish convert) new community (The Daughters of Mary, Mother of the Hope of Israel) we here in St. Maximin were blessed to hear words similar to the following from a tearful spiritual Mother terribly in love with God:

"Do you understand the implications of that statement?? GOD... became a MAN! If you don't realize that there can be nothing greater than that then you don't know what that statement means." 

GOD...became a MAN!
There can be nothing greater than that.

The Christian challenge to the world has always been that
the greatest possible thing that could have happened has happened

GOD...became a MAN!

I would say that if that realization hasn't radically changed our lives then we have, in fact, not really realized it at all.



a man.


Your move.