Thursday, November 21, 2013

Beautiful Churches, Camels, and the Poor.

These kids are so happy 

because they're riding CAMELS


Come on! How awesome is that? 

I think this was the first time I've ever seen a camel before (unless I've seen one in a zoo before but I don't remember.)

This picture above was taken outside of our window.  The locals were having a festival.  They know how to throw a party because there were camels there.

Tents were set up around town selling goodies.  Games and rides were strewn about. The merry-go-round looked fun.

And there were camels.

Here's some pictures of the inside of the Basilica.

Note the lack of camels.  Camels don't belong in Church.

They sure don't make 'em like they used to. Churches I mean.

There is a poor woman who sits and begs just inside the entrance of the Church with her little dog. (Dogs are allowed inside the entryway but not camels.)  Her name is Jaqueyln.  There is another man who often comes around asking for money for his next meal.

I'm glad they have a beautiful Church like this to pray in if they want to.

It's available if they want it.  It's like God - always available if anyone wants Him.

Because, after all, this Church belongs just as much to the poor as it does to anyone else.

They have a beautiful place to go and pray.   That, to me, is beautiful.

They are poor, yes.  I don't know why.  I don't know why they have to beg for their next meal from people they don't know.  

Sometimes people say the Catholic Church should sell beautiful Churches like this or sell the beautiful artwork inside and give the proceeds to the poor.

I think that would be stealing from the poor. The poor also have a spiritual hunger (as everyone does) which beauty helps alleviate because beauty lifts the mind up, like those high Church ceilings, to God.  

This Church/Basilica belongs just as much to the poor as to the rich; perhaps even more so.  The poor need beautiful places to go especially since they don't have a beautiful family to welcome them and a beautiful house to go home to like so many other people.

So I say we allow magnificent Churches to remain where they are - on hills where their glory and beauty can give light to all; especially for those most in need... if they want it.

God, help us to want it.

But keep the camels out.  Camels don't need beautiful Churches.