Thursday, November 7, 2013

Eye See You! - Fruitful Faith

Why is this Polish seminarian holding two little oranges up to his eyes?


Well, because I asked him to.


Faith is fruitful!

Is your faith producing fruit in your life?

What fruit should we expect to come from faith? I think we have an ideal model in the one who is "most blessed among women" - Mary, the Mother of Christ.

Once when Jesus was out preaching a woman called out from the crowd to Him, "Blessed is the womb that bore you and the breasts at which you nursed!" Jesus responded (perhaps after a brief pause coupled with a smile,) "Rather (the Greek could also translate "also") blessed is the one who hears the Word of God and obeys it!" (Luke 11:27-28)

Jesus, fully aware of the fact that His Mother is "most blessed among women," (Luke 1:42) highlights the higher grace - the grace which led to her being His Mother in the first place - Mary's faith.

Mary's faith was fruitful. Her unconditional "Yes" to God in faith led to a reception of God's Word in such a total way that God's Word became incarnate in her womb.  Her faith was so fruitful that she became the Tree of Life and bore the most blessed fruit possible - the incarnate Son of God, the Savior.  "Blessed are you among women" and "Blessed is the fruit of your womb"


Faith lets one see as far as God sees. Faith doesn't block God's "vision" for our lives. Faith always say yes to God.

Mary's faith allowed enough room for God - in His fullness - the enter into her very body.  He Whom Heaven and Earth cannot contain willed to enter His creation first through the faithful and fruitful heart of an Immaculate Virgin, whose vision was unsullied by the world's way of seeing and whose soul only ever received God's Word. As an aside, THAT'S why she's an Immaculate Virgin- she only knew God's pure Word. She knew not sinful man, nor the sinful world, nor the author of sin - the Devil and his lies.  Her virginal soul, a "garden enclosed" (see the Song of Songs) admitted only God and His truth, His Word.  "You are all beautiful, my love, and there is no flaw in you." (Song of Songs 4:7)

Her faith was fruitful because within her heart she made room for the seed of God's Word and this Divine Truth was born of her as a fruit is borne of a tree.  Because she is the Spouse of God the Holy Spirit she becomes Mother of God the Son.  

If you gave yourself over to God completely imagine what He could do through you.

"If you are what you should be you will set the world on fire." - St. Catherine of Siena

Mary, our Mother, sets us an example and teaches us her children how to be a Christian, how to be God's beloved daughter or son.  She also shows us what happens when we finally and completely say "Yes!" to God.  

"Let it be done to me according to your word."(Mary's words in Luke 1:38)

Where in your heart does God not have access to? What door do you still need to open for Him? Believe, make room in the "Inn" of your heart for Christ to be born anew - Don't turn Him away as the Inkeeper of Bethlehem. "There was no room in the Inn."

But a Marian soul is different - a Marian soul means "room for God alone."

Become like your Heavenly Mother ("Behold, your Mother" John 19:27) and "prepare the way of the Lord."

"I mean to stay at your house today!" (Luke 19:6)