Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I live next to Jesus and Mary Magdalene (and you thought YOU had nice neighbors!)

One of the things I love about being here is going to Mass and adoration every day at the Basilica of St. Mary Magdalene (aka Basilica of St. Maximin..long story for another post!)

The top picture is the Basilica.  I got sprayed with water from some construction work being done nearby whilst taking that photo for you...  You're welcome.  The bottom picture is a rotund pigeon which was walking outside.  He was a little suspcious of me following him trying to get a close up.  I like pigeons.  


Today when I was leaving the side chapel where they have Eucharistic Adoration during the day I walked near the crypt where Mary Magdalene's remains are and I decided...

"I'm going to pray for a little bit down there."

It is an incredible blessing to be able to ask such a great Saint who loved Christ so much to pray for me that I would also love Him.  Mary Magdalene had such a profound, radical conversion - like night and day.  I want that.  I find myself praying lately for perfect contrition; for the grace to see reality as it is and how ungrateful and lukewarm I am.  Daily I receive the King of Kings into my heart through Holy Communion, I live in a house where He rests in the tabernacle underneath my bedroom, I'm able to visit Christ Himself whenever I want just like Mary Magdalene did (the only difference being now,in the Eucharist, He just appears to be bread) - and how does this change me?

Not nearly enough.

God give me your eyes.

Half that number (it counts when you enter and when you leave) and that's the number of visitors that have come to the crypt since they installed the counter.  When was that you might ask?...I don't know. But that's a lot of people coming to honor and ask prayers from a woman who saw reality and was changed forever.

Mary Magdalene saw Jesus - as He truly is.

"Who are you, Lord?" (Acts 9:5, Paul's words to Jesus)

Who are You, Lord?...

God heal our blindness and show us Who You are.

- MM