Thursday, October 17, 2013

American Humor and Broken Windows: Huh-larious

Yesterday, whilst sitting in the kitchen (which is essentially the social hub of the house,) a group of us sat chatting.  Fr. Florian walks in and asks me and Gary,

"How about at 3:30 I show you how to fix a window?"

I thought to myself, "O boy I was hoping you'd ask me that today!"

I laughed and laughed.

He didn't understand why it was so funny! I later told him that I thought it was a particular characteristic of American humor which appreciates the random and unexpected things in life. 


(Above) Pere Florian (right) and Gary (not on the right) fixing a window.

(Above) A view from a non-broken window at the parish center, second floor

(Above) Ye olde parish center - used to be a convent but's a parish center

To me, a comment like that out of the blue is hysterical! Like, I'm sitting around shootin' the breeze and someone asks "Hey, how about I show you how to fix a window!"


But I'm from 'merica.  

I also thought it was funny when Fr. Florian put his foot through the window sill while showing us how to fix the window.

(Above) Huh-larious
(He agreed with me on that one)

-Matt Malicki