Monday, October 7, 2013

Absolutely Insane: A Proof that God Exists and He's Probably Catholic!

This weekend was packed with Providence.

Late September, 2010 I found myself in Krackow, Poland with my friend, Adam Laski at the Divine Mercy Shrine where St. Maria Faustina (of the Blessed Sacrament) lived and received the message of Divine Mercy from Jesus; a devotion totally united to the revelation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to St. Margaret Mary and of course to Christ's real presence in the Eucharist.

At that shrine we met a Priest from Portland, Oregon who promised to send us a couple of second class relics (something that belonged to the Saint) of St. John Vianney (patron Saint Of Priests) since we were seminarians.  The relic-medals eventually arrived and I've worn mine ever since.

This weekend, Saturday Oct. 5th (the feast of St. Faustina, keep that in mind)I found myself this time in Ars, France where St. John Vianney lived.  Gary, who is from Australia, introduced himself to some Australian sisters (Sisters of the Immaculata and, while talking with them, a Priest who just met them came up to them and introduced himself to me; said he was from Portland, Oregon.


I stopped... reached back in my couldn't be...

"You know, Father, I was in Poland a few years ago at the Shrine of the Divine Mercy and met a Priest from Portland who gave us some relics of St. John Vianney... was"

It was!

Krackow, Poland 2010- Divine Mercy Shrine where St. Faustina lived I met a Priest from America who gave me a relic-medal of St. John Vianney.
Ars, France 2013 - Feast of St. Faustina, encountered the same Priest in the town where St. John Vianney was from!

The orphanage that the "Cure of Ars" (SJV) built has since been turned into a Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Chapel (hence why Fr. Sean was asked to come and preach at the weekend Masses to boost the spirit of Adoration in Ars and why I was able to come along with him in the first place.) You know what the name of that orphanage/adoration chapel is?

"La Providence"

Yeah you ain't kiddin'!

God, how do you DO that?

I think I've learned a couple of things from this experience so far.  1.) Grow closer to Christ through His Divine Mercy. 2.) Grow in my relationships with and devotions to St. John Vianney and St. Faustina. 3.) Contact that Priest! (I made sure to get his email this time.)

I also think God just wanted to remind me that everything, literally EVERYTHING, in this world is under His Providential care.  He really is GOD, all powerful, all knowing, and all loving.  He pays attention to details.

After reciting this story to Fr. Sean later in the day he looked at me wide eyed, paused and said... "That's insane."

Yes, Father, that was insane.

Relicquary holding the heart of St. John Vianney, the heart of a Priest in love with Jesus Christ