Saturday, December 21, 2013

Simply Incredible - The Generosity of a Woman

Now you may think my post will be about the Virgin Mary, Mother of Christ (especially since Christmas is right around the corner) as Scripture refers to her as "the" Woman.  But you'd only be half right.

I want to share with you what happened to me today.  I want to share how I became the recipient of an incredible Christmas gift from a woman (though I DO think the Woman, Mary the Mother of Christ was behind it anyway! For her own sake I'll keep THIS woman anonymous, though.)

I went to do buy some Christmas gifts today at the local Catholic bookstore *I just arrived back in the States the other day for Christmas!*  I used to work there so I know the owners and other workers pretty well.  Chatting with the owner I was told that he was going to give me a 40% "employee" discount.  Wow.  That was generous enough!

So I browsed and thought I'd take advantage of such a great gift and picked up several things for various family members.  I was given an extra Christmas stipend just for that reason.  I made my way up to the counter.

A woman I know took care of me.  An extremely kind and very charitable woman.  So charitable that she felt moved to purchase all of my items for me!  Every year she finds a creative way to pass on a particular rebate which she and her husband get annually - I was this year's grateful recipient!  I tried to insist that she couldn't do this! This was too much! But she insisted even more and truly wanted to buy the items for me.   I was, and remain, stunned.

Moreover, she wrote me a Christmas card during my time in the store  When I got home and opened it I saw a check for $200.  Shock.  I praise God for this woman's generosity towards me.  She wanted to help me out simply because I am a seminarian studying to become a Priest.  

So this woman did a tremendous thing for me today.

The first Christmas began with the generosity of a Woman.  This Christmas sees another generous act from another woman.  I pray that God may reward her.