Monday, December 2, 2013

Advent Reflection: Part 1 1/2

Before doing part 2 of the Advent reflection I began last week I'd like to offer an "in between" thought.

A simple thought.

A question actually.


What do you need from the Lord?

We often ask God for what we want.


But have you taken time recently to reflect on what you need?

Those are the prayers that God answers swiftly.

They go something like this:

"Lord, I need to know your love more."
"Jesus, I need your help in gowing in humility."
"Heavenly Father, I'm too quick to judge other people.  Please show me the faults in myself which I think I'm seeing in others."
"Lord, I'm not nearly as grateful as I ought to be.  Please forgive me.  Give me a grateful heart!"
"Jesus, I need to love you more.  Help me to love you more!"

I'm reminded of the blind man sitting alongside the road calling out "Son of David, have pity on me!"  Jesus comes up to him and asks "What do you want me to do for you?" The man responds, "Lord, I want to see!"

His need became his want.  He desired what he needed.

Do you desire what you need? Or perhaps a better place to start is to ask do you need what you desire?

God provides for all our needs! God grant that our needs be the same things as our desires this Advent and Christmas.  There is a gift Christ wants to give to you; it is precisely what you need!

But do you want what you need?