Thursday, September 19, 2013

Soon... France!

Moving to FRANCE soon!  Entering the Missionaries of the Most Holy Eucharist ( After a year I'll come back to the States to finish seminary studies in Cromwell, CT at Holy Apostles Seminary.

But first things first: I am a work in progress... and so is this blog!

I want this blog to be an easy way for friends/family to keep in touch and I also intend to use it for reflections, updates on my latest goings on, and rants.  I may say things I'll later regret.  If so, I will delete them.  If I regret deleting them... well... that would be ironic.

 I also will be posting funny quips, pictures, videos etc. I like funny things.

Like this joke!...

Knock, knock!
-Who's there?
-Cash who??
O no thank you, I'd rather have a peanut!

- Not so sincerely, Matt