Thursday, January 5, 2017

When will you have your epiphany?

What is an epiphany?  A great awakening or realization? Some type of discovery of earth-shattering import? A new perspective on some previously known idea?

Well, if you're Catholic, the word "Epiphany" should conjure memories of Magi in motion towards the Messiah with Mary His mother.  Alliteration altogether aside, the feast of the Epiphany is a time when we rediscover the greatest discovery the world has ever known - Jesus the Christ.

And they probably found him by way of camel.

This weekend the Catholic Church around the world (and the Orthodox Churches, as well) recall the great feast of the Epiphany when the Magi traversed land and sand to meet the Lord Jesus.  The star in the east guided them and acted as God's messenger.  Perhaps it was an Angel.  Perhaps God's providential design of the universe anticipated these historic moments and planned for a particular star to guide their way even from the beginning of time.  Regardless, God guided the magi to His Son and "No one comes to [the Son] unless the Father draws him." (So says Jesus Himself in John 6:44)  

So where is the Father drawing you?  Of course, to His Son but let's ask a further question for reflection.  How is the Father drawing you to His Son?  

And are you following the way He has traced out?  Are you following the guiding star of His providence?  Are you even moving?

A wise man from the east once said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  Wise men from the east made a long, arduous journey by taking one step after another (whether their own or their camels'.)  And you?  Will you allow your heart to be drawn by the Father towards His Risen Sun from the east?  We have much to discover.  We have an epiphany awaiting us!  Let's no longer stay comfortable in our own homes that we've made for ourselves but let's instead venture out onto the adventure traced out for us by the Father. 

I've always wondered if there were supposed to be more than just three wise men.  Perhaps some decided to stay home... What a terrible mistake that was now wasn't it?