Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Optimus Prime - The Most Noble and Great One

Well, I'm no Latin scholar.  In fact, I passed Latin with a C average. It was an extremely helpful (though difficult) class and now I can read Latin things... for the most part... kind of...

You may be familiar with the Transformers movie series.  I've been on a kick with them lately.  I really like that Optimus Prime guy.  I did a little research into what his Latin name translates to (even though, being the C student that I was in Latin, I already had a pretty good idea thank you very much.)  Judging from Optimus Prime's character from the movie's I'd like to propose that his name means, "The Most Noble and Great One." 

Now, don't get me wrong.  I'm not a Transformers aficionado... But I kind of want to be now.  After seeing a few of these movies I realize what it is that pulls me towards them - It's Optimus. 

Sure, "Optimus" primarily (no pun intended) translates as "Best" while "Most Noble" is only a secondary (even tertiary) rendering of the word - but I think "Best" is too bland; it doesn't describe Optimus' at his core.  "Noble," however, absolutely does.   Optimus is so appealing because he embodies (or rather, enmetals) what it means to be noble.  That is to say Optimus Prime stands tall morally and follows his conscience towards what is true, good, and worth living and dying for.

Are you noble?  One quick way to find out is to ask yourself, "Would others describe me as noble?" If not then you may have some work to do.  Nobility stands out. Nobility gets noticed.  It's not plain to see because it wants to be seen but because it is the only thing worth seeing in a world looking for anything that catches its eye.  Nobility, however, doesn't just catch your eye.  It catches your heart.  It makes you want to be better.  

The Saints were noble.  Great leaders (i.e. anyone who leads others closer to the truth) are noble.  Do you want to be noble?  Deep down we all do.  The difficulty comes in when we don't act according to the core of who we are; according to our true identities.  We're Princes and Princesses; nobility and children of the Most Noble and Great One - God our Father.  While Optimus Prime may stand as a fictional icon of the Angelic order sent to protect us we, through a gift of our Father, have infinitely more nobility than we can stand at times.  That's why we often choose to fall short of our high calling to holiness - it is hard to stand tall when the river of the culture crushes against you to sweep you off your feet and into hell.  Not all wooing is worthy of our hearts yet we too often give in to the siren call of sin, don't we?  

So let us pray to recognize our nobility.  Let us pray that we would see in us what God has placed there - His Divine Spark.  If we knew who we were - truly knew and fully believed it - we'd stand up like royalty and fight for the world.  So if you find yourself sitting or laying down these days and aren't sure what you're really supposed to be doing in life then take heart.  Let the nobleness of God's choosing you and calling you to rise embolden you.  Take His hand and be raised to new life.  Be raised to new life daily; to a higher life; to a greater life; to the most noble life there is.  Pure Life.  Let Life transform you into who you really are.  A child of the Most Noble and Great One.