Monday, March 16, 2015

Pop Quiz for Lent - Think Outside Your Box

Thought experiments for personal reflection:

1.) Presume the Devil exists and you were him.  How would you be trying to corrupt humanity?

2.) Presume the Devil exists.  How would he be trying to ensure your damnation? In other words, what is Satan's plan for your life.

A great, thought provoking book on these very same questions is the classic by C.S. Lewis called the Screwtape Letters.  It is a series of "letters" written from an experienced demon to an amateur on the subject of how to tempt people away from God and the truth.  An honest reading would allow one to readily recognize parallels in one's own life.

Dr. Peter Kreeft has written a similar book called the Snakebite Letters.

Lent is a time for testing.  Have you studied?

On a lighter, yet just as serious, note:

3.) Presume God exists.  In respecting your free will how would God be trying to "get your attention" and how might He be calling out to you in your life now? What is the next step in your search for the truth?